The popularity of astrology as method of mapping out our inner potential and seeing our energetic blueprint has skyrocketed in recent decades. People often ask one another their sign, and read a daily horoscope to see if the stars are shining in their direction. With all this interest in astrology, it’s easy to wonder:

How does it work?

The reality is, no one really knows! There are two prevailing theories, however. The first is that the planets have some kind of pull on us as humans… energetic or gravitational. The effect of that pull is the impression the planet has on our personality and unique makeup. Given each planet has a particular energetic signature, we can then measure the effects of its pull through the astrological imprint.

The reality is that the actual gravitational pull of a planet on our body is so insignificant, it’s hard to imagine that any of them would have such a significant effect. In fact, the gravitational pull of the person sitting next to you (even if he or she is in the apartment next door) is greater than the pull of a planet on your body!

Get your free Astrology 101 eBook here!

Get your free Astrology 101 eBook here!

The other theory (the one that I prefer!) is that each planet can be thought of as a hand on a clock. When we look at a clock, the hands tell us the time. It’s 3 o’clock when the big hand points up, and the little hand points left. The hands themselves aren’t time, they are simply indicators of time. In the same way, through careful observation, astrologers throughout history have charted that when a planet sits at a certain position, it indicates a certain force of energy on the planet, on an individual, or on a society.

Astrology is not scientific in the hard and fast sense of science.

If we’re talking about astrology in terms of your experience of life, it has to be subjective…there is no control on that experiment! Astrology is a soft science more along the lines of psychology, where the planets represent the urges and patterns in the human psyche.

When we understand our astrological blueprint, we better understand the range of possibilities within us and how we can best express them. We see how our urges and tendencies manifest and then we use our free will to realize our fullest potential.